Here we go again! As COVID-19 puts Melbourne back into lockdown, we wanted to keep you posted on how The Commute is planning to operate in the coming weeks. Rest assured, we are here and have got your back.

Back To Virtual Meetings

The Commute operates in a co-working space, so we will not be able to host any face-to-face meetings in our office until at least late-August. Thankfully we are fully equipped to host meetings via Google Meet, FaceTime and phone.

Business As Usual-ish

Our team will be working from home a bit more over the coming months. This will have no impact on any existing projects or timelines. For any briefs that require essential face-to-face interaction, we will work to adhere to all government regulations around social distancing.

Here To Support You

For our clients in Victoria, we know you are doing it tough surrounding coronavirus. We are here to assist in any way we can. If your circumstances have changed and you need to move any active projects, please let us know. There is a bright side of lockdown. It can be a prime time to work on any strategic projects for the rest of the financial year. As well as engage existing customers who cannot make use of your services online. If you need help moving into the digital space or want fresh ways to engage your customers, get in touch! We are happy to provide some guidance.

Look After Yourself

We are in unprecedented times, and with COVID-19 it can be easy to feel anxious or isolated. Don’t forget to go easy on yourself and put your wellbeing first. The Department of Health and Human Services has some great resources on supporting your mental wellbeing during this time You can also speak to the fine folks at Beyond Blue and Lifeline.

Stay safe.
The Commute Team

Photo by Anshu A on Unsplash